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Giving voice to outstanding cultures and passionate people. Regularly in the most remote environments of our planet. That’s what I live for.

I have an endless curiosity for human stories that make an impact. Connecting with people in a profound sense and share this with the outside world.

The films I made have had a global presence and besides my partnership with Canon, I’m probably best known for my productions for clients as Red Bull, The Volvo Ocean Race, Waterbear networks, and Discovery Channel.

Clients I have worked for

Work Selection

My work is featured on platforms like Discovery Channel, KLM in flight entertainment, Red Bull TV, and Waterbear Networks.


Reconnect is a full-length documentary about professional kitesurfer and 3-time world champion Jalou Langeree. Jalou speaks vulnerable about her depression that she carries with her throughout her career. 

Elephant Odyssey

This short documentary can be seen on Waterbear Networks.  It reveals the largest elephant translocation in Africa. An extraordinary journey to safeguard the future of these iconic creatures.

The last horse traders

A tribute to the nomadic Ciganos (Gypsy) in Alentejo, Portugal. Portraying the offbeat lifestyle of a group of people who co-exist in modern society. It reveals their perspective on the future as their horse-trading business is on the brink of extinction.

Patterns of Life

Is a self-funded documentary series that reveals traditional tattoo practices and show perspectives that can enrich our modern vision.

Amref flying doctors

Nice Leng’ete, raised as a Maasai girl, escaped the cultural practice of female circumcision in her youth. Since then, she has remained dedicated to combating this harmful tradition.

Volvo Ocean Race

On behalf of Magenta films, I have followed team Brunel on a 9-month journey around the world during the Volvo Ocean Race. This is one of the six short films we have shot.

Red Bull | Code Red

The most extreme kiteboarder in the world, Ruben Lenten makes his comeback after a tough battle against cancer. We went on a storm chase mission into the unknown.

La Pintura

An award-winning documentary series that reveals the motivation, purpose, and commitment of South American graffiti writers that risk life to paint vandal graffiti.

Face my Tribe

This award-winning short documentary reveals the last generation face tattooed women living in the remote mountain areas of Myanmar. This film uncovers the story behind their face tattoos.

In this Canon video, I express my passion for filmmaking and reflect on the highlights of my career.

Patterns of Life

Together with my girlfriend, we are currently filming a self-funded documentary series.

Patterns of Life is a documentary reality series following a number of leading anthropologists who travel to some of the most remote corners of our planet to document the last traditional tattoos. It is their mission to translate this indigenous language on the skin into a modern understanding, before these ancient stories disappear forever.


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