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Selected work

La Pintura | Online Episodes

A graffiti documentary that reveals the motivation, purpose and commitment of Latin and South African graffiti writers. It shows an image of writers that risk life to paint vandal graffiti in places where corruption, crime and economical issues are everyday business.

Red Bull | Code Red

The first stormchase after a tough battle against cancer.

On The Fly | Web Series

On The Fly is a web series that showcase the life of kiteboarder Ruben Lenten and includes behind the scenes footage of the adventures we’ve been on together.

Copper Ashes | Short Film

At a place that nobody can truly understand. Where reality is buried and questions lay bare, we captured the true essence of coming together in a whirlwind of affection, expression and dust.

Face my Tribe | Documentary

The Trailer of my short documentary about the last face tattooed tribe women of Myanmar.
Will be released soon!